NS High Parts uses the NS Super Frame construction method and
We are engaged in technological and business development of thin plate members for construction.

The NS Super Frame construction method is classified as a type of steel structure, such as thin plate lightweight section steel construction, and its development began in 1996.
The Nippon Steel Group has independently evolved it and upgraded it to the third generation.
Currently, it is used in buildings for a variety of purposes, including apartment complexes, elderly care facilities, offices, training institutes, one-story stores, schools, and nursery schools.


Together with Nippon Steel, NS Hiparts has developed advanced construction technology using thin steel sheets, creating a new medium- and low-rise construction method that is safe, comfortable, and has excellent environmental performance.
We have been working on the practical application of the NS Super Frame method. Obtain the ministerial certification necessary for building certification and evaluation from a designated performance evaluation organization,
From the structural design stage, we produce roof, wall, and floor panels at our factory by combining genuine parts and materials such as shaped steel, hardware, and structural panels.
From plan consultation and structural design to construction and component manufacturing, we ensure that our customer's requests are realized.

Business Information


The NS Super Frame construction method is suitable for apartment complexes and elderly care facilities up to 4 stories, offices and training facilities up to 3 stories,
It is used in a variety of buildings such as one-story stores, schools, and nursery schools with a structural plot area of 1000 m2 and wall panel height of up to 4.5 m.
We are also proud of the fact that our products were used as housing for reconstruction efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake in five housing complexes in three prefectures: Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, contributing to the early recovery.